Saint Privat des Pres Circuit

Monday 31 August 2020 | 09:30 | 9.4 kms

I selected this route last year because I really like the area, however life stepped in and plans changed.  Then lockdown happened and we postponed again!  I’m going to try again – third time lucky!  I sang at a wedding in the church here a few years back and it’s a pretty little village and I do love the rolling hills on the Charente – Dordogne borders.

The Walk starts in Saint-Vincent-Jalmoutiers.  We’ll meet in the village car park – there’s a large (and very neat) parking area off the main road (D44) in the centre of the village. (Here’s a link to Google : Saint-Vincent-Jalmoutiers)

We’ll start walking at 09:30 and remember to bring a little snack and a drink to keep you going whilst you walk!

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