Swallows and Amazon

Day 4 : Lafuenta to Mirador de Santa Catrina and back again

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After the hermitage we decided to wander up to a nearby village as we spotted a church higher up on the hill above us; they usually have a seat and shade. And on this perfect day it did. We kicked off our shoes and sat on the cold stone bench in perfectly cool shade and watched the farmers below working in the hot sun. I’d made tuna sandwiches and boiled eggs and Gerry decided that I’d accidentally made us a Salad Nicoise.

We sat and watched and I think Mr S might have even closed his eyes for a minute or two. After a while he told me to get out my phone… the poet was back!

When they’re making hay
You could watch all day

I reminded him that he’d had his eyes closed! He said he was thinking not sleeping.

We could have stayed but there was nothing for it but to pack up and move on… there were still several kilometres to be walked today.

10 thoughts on “Swallows and Amazon

  1. The star-spangled banner…lyrics by Francis Scott key O say can you you see by the dawn’s early light…so it goes on and on until O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave…being in Melbourne under state of disaster ,we are somewhat restricted in our movements therefore you photos and words are very much appreciated..Alain


    • So sad to hear that it’s bad in Melbourne… numbers are rising in France but it’s so rural here we seemed to have got away lightly… long may that continue! Stay well… lets all hope for a happier 2021 x


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  3. NOTICE: In the past few hours, a lockdown has been established and may affect you.


    There is a new lockdown which affects the Camino del Norte.

    The La Mariña region of Galicia, which includes Ribadeo, Mondoñedo and Lourenzá will enter a new lockdown for at least 5 days.

    You will not be allowed to enter this region, and if you are already there you won’t be allowed to leave.

    As you are walking, it is important to stay aware of the situation as it changes. Any region can go into a new lockdown at any time.


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    • Hello and thank you. We did see this earlier. Thankfully it’s not near us but we are watching the news. We are quite alone for most of our day but we’re staying alert to news and changes. This is helpful. Thank you.


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