It Seemed Like A Good Idea…

Day 1 – Bordeaux to Porto

A few weeks ago when we finished walking The Primitivo and the sun was shining and all was great in our world, I returned home from Santiago and pondered… where next?  And when?  I had this mad idea.  Well, not mad exactly.  Let’s call it more impromptu.  There were cheap flights to Porto.  Porto is meant to be nice later in the year isn’t it?  I was free from the 22nd November?  25€ return for a flight!  It would be mad not to consider it right?

It seemed like a really good idea a few weeks ago.  And so I’m in Porto and the weather forecast for the next two weeks is wall to wall rain.  I’m travelling with a friend from home in France; and rain or no rain Sheila is really excited!  Well ok… To be honest so am I!  I’d rather not have the rain but heyho.  I’m in Porto.  I’m in the pilgrim albergue and I have two weeks.  I’m hoping to walk the Central Route to Santiago and maybe, if the weather is kind, we’ll walk the Variente as well.

We got a taxi from the airport to the cathedral.  We got our credentials stamped, paid three euros to visit inside and as the sun was dropping in the sky we wandered back through town in search of a Decathlon and then the albergue.  We found both eventually!

The rain held off and we even had blue sky.   The albergue is surprisingly busy and we’re ready to start… Although my fitbit it says I’ve walked 15.3km since I left home!

So welcome to my impromptu camino… I hope you enjoy the journey!


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