A Short One

Day 10. Arcade to Pontevedra

It was cold this morning. We knew we only had a short day so we slept in. It was a nice albergue and only us and a Spanish couple staying… they lent us their hair dryer which Sara used to dry her washing with this morning.


We dawdled getting ready… no need to rush today. We left just after 8.00 and the sun was up a bit… but crikey it was cold. A hat, scarf and gloves kind of day.

The camino started at our front door so we followed the Spanish couple out of town. They stopped for breakfast… and told us we should stop too. We checked the phone… our breakfast was 900m further on.  We carried on until we came to an old bridge. .. we were crossing this lovely estuary and no matter how cold the gloves were off and photos were taken.


There should be a cafe here… but it was closed. And so was the next one. Nooo! We should have listened to the Spanish chap… another 12km before the next town and no breakfast. There was nothing for it but to keep walking.

We left the village and headed up into pretty countryside. We passed an old guy and a handful of sheep; I don’t know if they were together but they were all content going about their business.  Up we walked on huge smooth stones on a path lined with old  walls. Was this a roman path? Was it once the main road to Santiago?

It was very pretty and I would have enjoyed it more if my feet didn’t hurt so. The last time I had such blister problems was in Estella on my first camino. I learned a lot of lessons on that walk about my feet but circumstances on the Portuguese has made me forgetful.  We stopped and I changed out of my tevas and back into my altras. It was a good choice. I relaced them to give me a bit more toe room and we walked on.  My ankle feels better each day… just these bloomin blisters!

Jaqui spotted a sign… Cafe 50m. Oh bless you all! No toast but coffee cake and chocolate. My feet felt easier and we all felt livelier and before we knew it we had arrived.

The municipal albergue is a bit out of town so we chanced our luck and walked on. The tourist office booked us a room in a little casa in the old town. 15€ each but only 2 beds so me and Jaqui will have to share! And it’s flippin freezing. ..and we can’t turn the heater on. But the shower was blissfully hot!

The girls went to explore and I decided to give my blisters a rest and an airing. I had a very long wonderful shower, I’ve threaded the blisters and dressed them and I’m ready for tomorrow… the girls are back and we’re ready to party!  Not such a bad day after all… and only 63km to go.

Ps… thank you for all the kind words… it means a great deal xxx


7 thoughts on “A Short One

  1. Great photos as usual – always brings back memories of my two (and a half) attempts!!!! nearly there and don’t forget it’s xmas soon so hurry back to get all the preparitifs started. Blisters, bastards, blisters, bastards ..oh what the hell!!! I could go on and on and on – hope you do the same!

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