Day 7. Caminha to Valenca

I loved my hotel room last night. It was absolutely the right choice and the perfect treat. I chatted (facetimed) Gerry when I woke up and had  breakfast at around 9.00 with Maggie (well not with Maggie because she’s in Australia) but she messaged me and we reminisced about the Via and our pilgrim adventures.  Next was the luxury of a morning shower, my laundry was all dry and I cleaned and threaded my blisters. What a good way to start the day!

The man on the reception desk said I should visit the medical centre. I wasn’t sure but decided to be sensible and go. They said it was a sprain; it didn’t appear too bad but I should rest and wear a compression sock. RICE…rest, ice, compression & elevation I think? Anyway he gave me a note for the pharmacy and there was no charge (or paperwork!) I’m now sporting a very fetching stocking wrapped tightly around my ankle and it does feel more comfortable.

I had a little wander around Caminha. It’s a pretty little town with a lovely waterfront area. I sat and watched some school children having canoe lessons and wondered where my pilgrim buddies were. I strolled back to the main square and en route got a message ftom Gerry; we’d won the Premium Bonds… woohoo!  (I took that as a sign my luck was changing… and whilst not a fortune it helped to pay for my hotel 😀) I took a taxi to Vila Nova de Cerveira. The taxi driver spoke very little English but he spoke French so we chatted the journey away about pilgrims and Portugal and life. Ten minutes later we arrived.

I sent the girls a message.. where are you? Blow me they’d already covered 15km and had also just arrived in town. Perfect timing and we met for a cold drink. They say the walk has been beautiful but up and down and that I made the right choice resting. I miss walking but I have no regrets. I waved them off… I offered to take some of their stuff but we didn’t know how far apart we’d end up so they decided it would be better to not risk it, just in case.

I wandered the little streets and around the castle walls… which bizarrely are covered in homemade giant spiders! I knew they weren’t real but it was still enough to give me the shivers 😀. I also spotted a house covered in crochet 😃.  Next I found a tiny supermarket and bought some cheese,  bread and a banana and headed down to the water front for lunch… gazing across at Spain with mixed feelings. I love Spain but I love Portugal too and crossing the border tomorrow means goodbye to the latter… but all good things and all that.

I took another taxi to our days destination, Valenca; gosh it seemed a long way. I thought of the girls exploring the hills and felt a tinge of self pity.. I wish I was walking. But then I arrived in Valenca and I changed my mind. My little room overlooks the old walls and is right on the camino. The walls remind me of Pamplona and I’m itching to go explore.

I know I should be resting so I strolled gently around the ancient walls and  narrow streets before heading back to my room.

I’ve manage to reply to all your lovely comments and got my blog up to date. You know I wasn’t sure about not walking today but now I’m glad. I’ve seen a little more of these amazing old towns and I’ve rested my ankle. I really want to walk tomorrow and I know that once in Spain there are going to be plenty of places to break my journey. I know the girls have their hearts set on reaching  Santiago by Sunday as they have time to explore, but for me now i just want to get there so if I have to,  I can send them on and take my time and meet them on Monday… it wouldn’t be my first choice but at least we have these options!

I’ve had a great day and Sara just messaged to say they arrived. Over 30km and they still get in early… crikey these girls (gazelles) don’t hang around 😀

Happy Monday everyone.

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