Watching the Clock

This title is a bit misleading as I’m not really watching the clock… the truth is I’m running around like a mad thing trying to get all my jobs done before we leave on Saturday.  One of my jobs was to update my blog… I’m walking in a few days and I’ve been very remiss on the blog front… I’m pretty sure that will change come Saturday.

I think I’m ready; some last minute shopping tomorrow but apart from that I’m packed.  (and of course I have to do a huge shop to ensure that the cupboards are well stocked for cats and teenagers!)

Gerry and I are spending Saturday night in Lisbon, then catching the bus on Sunday to Santiago do Cacém and we’ll start walking on Monday… Gerry’s birthday.  (I must find out why this town is called Santiago do Cacém… I guess there must be some interesting history there?)

We’ve booked all of our accommodation in advance.  I’m usually not a fan of this because I prefer the freedom, but we felt that the Rota is not the Camino, so we’re being prudent.  And we don’t need to travel with sleeping bags or towels (yeah!)

Our stages are :

  • Santiago do Cacém to Vale Seco
  • Vale Seco to Cercal do Alentejo
  • Cercal do Alentejo to S. Luís
  • S. Luís to Odemira
  • Odemira to S. Teotónio
  • S. Teotónio to Odeceixe
  • Odeceixe to Aljezur
  • Aljezur to Arrifana
  • Arrifana to Carrapateira
  • Carrapateira to Vila do Bispo
  • Vila do Bispo to Cabo de S. Vicente

We’ve got loads of information from the Rota Vicentina website and from the Camino forum so I feel ready… and just a tiny bit excited!  It’s October and 31c in Lisbon… and it’s Portugal!  What’s not to like!


13 thoughts on “Watching the Clock

    • Many thanks… I’m very much looking forward to your Camino Torres. .. I quite fancy adding that to the first half of the VdlP one day.


  1. Good luck – hope it goes well – I’ll be following you – not literally. I’ve only done long walks by myself or a male companion – not sure how it would work if I took Maria. Let us know if it ends in tears, fights or even divorce!


    • If he drives home alone then you’ll know it didn’t go so well 😀 but last time I looked he was like a child on Christmas Eve. .. so I think he’ll be OK 😀


  2. That sounds like a lovely trip and what a great thing to do with Gerry. I hope that he enjoys it as much as you and gets the same immense pleasure from the walk that it is obvious you receive. Good luck. Cant wait for the pictures and updates. x


  3. Given you have booked all the overnights what is a typical daily distance to walk? Sounds lovely though especially in weather like that. Presume it will cool as you walk.


    • Jeff it looks amazing when you go to their website and I’d read great things about the trail. The distances range from the shortest at 14km to the longest at 25km… we’re following the recommended stages but I dont know if there are inbetween options on the longer days? There are only 4 days over 20km… we’re mixing The Historic Way with The Fisherman’s way so we get to see inland and the coast. Cant wait!


    • p.s. for some folks 20+km is just too much and they use a bus or a taxi for the first few KM’s… it seems to work well and means that the route is still a viable option for everyone 😀


    • Many thanks… it’s the first time I’m walking the whole route with my husband so this is even more special! I do love Portugal and I cant wait to see what unfolds 🙂


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