Plan… II

I have a plan!  Nothing is ever fixed but it’s a plan… and I’m liking it!

I follow Magwoods fabulous walking blog… she’s a great inspiration for anyone wanting to go on a long walk!  I followed her adventures this year and she introduced me to the Camino Madrid and the Camino San Salvador.

In Autumn 2018 I know that I will be walking part of the the El Norte, but I had an inkling that I also wanted to walk in the spring.  After looking at all the options, I’ve decided to follow in Maggie’s footsteps and start on the Madrid and carry on to the San Salvador.  A few other avid walkers on the camino forum might join in the fun!  And also my two walking buddies might be coming too… so whilst this is a solitary camino, I may not be alone!

In between these two plans I have an option of the Camino Primitivo.  My current thinking is that I might drop down off the Norte in October and walk the Primitivo in the Autumn… this works better with home and school life and with singing and music commitments.

If I’m lucky and all works out I should be walking…

  • The Camino Madrid and the San Salvador (530km)
  • The Camino Del Norte and the Primitivo (818km)

You can find out much more about these routes… and all the caminos… on this website

p.s. I have the seed of an idea that in April/May 2019 I will walk the Levante to Zamora and then follow the lower Camino Portugués de la Vía de la Plata from Zamora which then joins the Camino Sanbres before Santiago… and then maybe on to the sea at Muxia.  This would be my longest walk so far… but 2019 is a long way off… but a girl can dream!


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