A Different End of the World?


It’s our last day in Portugal.  We decided to end our holiday with a walk along this beautiful coastline; perhaps we’d find a small restaurant for lunch, and then maybe take a walk across the boardwalks and dunes of the Dunas da Cresmina.

We followed the coast road up from the dunes and the wide sandy beaches, we passed the rugged cliffs and through a few sleepy villages to the lighthouse at Cabo  de Rocha.  This is (apparently) the westernmost point of Europe?  And I thought it was Fisterra.  We sat in the little cafe over looking the cliffs and sea below.  It’s a windy day and the sea is very rough, but the sun is surprisingly warm and behind the cloud, the sky was still blue.

After lunch we drove back to the sand.  Back to the huge waves and the beaches of the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park. The area is known for its strong swell and high winds which have given rise to the “Guincho-Cresmina” dune system, a protected area of great natural beauty. We walked along the coastal path and stood mesmerised by these giant waves, before turning towards the circuit around the dunes… which eventually lead us back to the beaches and the waves.  En route I passed a familiar sign… and my heart tugged… oh to be walking again!

Tomorrow we’re in Caceres, one of the gems of the Via de la Plata but I can’t imagine visiting this town without an Aussie in tow?!  How can I visit this Xanadu again without Maggie?    On Friday we’re in Getaria on the Camino Del Norte;  one of Gerry’s favourite seaside towns and a place that we’ll walk to next autumn when we walk that camino.

I’ve had a really lovely few weeks. Lisbon and Portugal are still amazing and I look forward to our next visit.  However, as much as I love being a tourist, my heart prefers to walk in and out of a town with a rucksack on my back… oh to be a pilgrim again.


6 thoughts on “A Different End of the World?

  1. Thank you Colleen You write so beautifully.Last time I followed you and Margie on the VdlP.And again you are in Portugal and I’m walking from Lisbon on June 3rd.I love Portugal xx

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    • Well I will follow you from Lisbon! We’re walking south from Lisbon in October but next May I have planned to walk the CP from Lisbon… will follow your progress!


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