The Hatching…

Maybe what I needed was to be re-inspired?  Maybe the act of searching through my Via photos was enough to plant the seed of a new idea?  Maybe it was reading the blog post by David (ClearSkiesCamino). Maybe it’s just time?  Whatever the reason I think I’ve hatched a plan for my next walk… or the next few walks actually!

Our calendar in 2017 is already a bit crowded and there isn’t a lot of room left for a long walk.  I always knew in my heart that I HAD to walk the Camino Frances and the Via de la Plata.  I know that I want to walk again but I just didn’t know where.. nothing was really calling?  Until now.  Now that I have a plan I feel motivated… ready to research… ready to plan and train and discover… I’m ready to walk.

We have two weeks at the end of October where we can walk together.  Gerry really likes the idea of walking in Portugal so Porto to Santiago has always been the obvious option.  I think I can squeeze in an extra couple of weeks and start in Lisbon.  I’m feeling excited now.

Added to this, we might also be able to take a week in August and I found a perfect 6 day camino that starts in Bayonne and ends in Pamplona… El Camino de Baztan.  The route looks amazing, it’s not too far from home and we can walk the entire route together in week.  It sounds like the perfect break for us.

And… we love the Northern Spanish coast.  Gerry wants to walk this route for 3 weeks in October 2018 for his 60th birthday.  I don’t suppose we’ll be staying in Albergues but I’m loving his thinking nonetheless.

And finally… I am going to try and fit in a spring camino in 2018.  I have to plan for this as I have to keep the diary clear… and at the moment I am toying with the idea of the Camino Levante to Zamora?

That’s a lot of thinking and hatching of plans… but it is a plan and I can almost feel the spring in my step.

4 thoughts on “The Hatching…

  1. Colleen, I thought I commented on your post this morning but it seems I did not. The gremlins must be in my phone! I’m delighted that you have a plan for a number of Caminos and I’m glad that my post has inspired you in some small way🙂 I hear the Baztan is beautiful and it is on my long list. Enjoy the preparations🙂

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  2. Bravo, peregrina! I have always said that the only cure for the Post Camino Blues is to start researching and planning the next one. I got my West Highland Way guidebook in the post today, and the Downs one on the shelf, plus St Olav … Happy walking in 2017!

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