9. Well… Wouldn’t You?

Our friendship keeps us wild and safe

(Thanks to another Via pilgrim…Alain)

Our Albergue yesterday was great. Beautiful gardens, a swimming pool, kitchen and terrace and we were joined by Hanna,  the Bordeaux guys, the French – Dutch group, the Italian chap, Ted and a few others.

Our Belgium friends made the wrong choice; when we met them later they said their albergue was old and tired and the staff not at all helpful.

We chilled in our paradise for an hour or two and then went in search of the restaurant recommended by our albergue.  Hanna led the way and once there we were quickly joined by the others.  The restaurant was a real find (El Gato) The waiter went above and beyond and the food was delicious.  The evening was so nice that our Belgium friends lost track of time and so our waiter drove them back to their albergue so they avoided being locked out!  What a kind man!

If there is a complaint about our paradise it would be that maybe another bathroom wouldn’t go amiss… and you need a head torch finding the loo at night… but hey… it was still great.

Breakfast was included and one by one we all rolled up for coffee and toast. Our lovely new friend Hanna is busing forward today to Merida so we waved a sad farewell before hitting the trail ourselves.  We had a couple of false starts looking for arrows in the cold grey predawn light… but with help from a passing school girl we headed out of town.

As we walked away we looked out at the vast flatness.  You walked and walked and lost track of time and distance with so few focal points.

Maggie shouted… here comes the sun… as it peeped above the horizon to our right… so now I’m humming that tune and I’m not even a fan.

Onwards we walked through scorched vineyards until we hit a village… the first time in days we’ve been able to stop for a morning coffee whilst on the path… what a treat!

Then it was back to the road only we had a plan… we could save the blisters from the blistering heat and grab a taxi from a village just before Zafra.  We avoided the burning midday sun… the hard baked last few kilometres underfoot and we had time to explore the beautiful little town of Zafra… oh…and there’s a Parador.  Go on… admit it… you would have done the same!

We changed and did some laundry… Parador or not were are still pilgrims. Maggie ruthlessly went through her pack and took out everything that she doesn’t need and posted it on to Santiago.  She’s travelling on after we finish walking and the extra weight is probably not helping her blisters… she posted over 3kg of stuff!

Then we went in search of tapas and cold drinks.  We wandered the streets and hatched another plan for tomorrow. Maggie really needs to let her blisters heal so she is going to have a leisurely morning in our Parador and take a bus to the next town. Bless her heart she is also going to take all our dirty laundry and get it done for us while we walk… what a girl… I do so love my Aussie friend.

We’re off now to see if we can find any other pilgrims… and a bar!  Buenos Tardes everyone!

Ps we had a quick pit stop in the hotel bar for our free drink… compliments of being a Parador Amigo (thanks Gerry… and cheers… my first ever glass of camino wine )

9 thoughts on “9. Well… Wouldn’t You?

  1. Have already inked in a couple of Parador nights…likely in the towns we decide warrant a rest day to explore. You definitely deserved to spoil yourselves!

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    • Merida and Salamanca both are worth the extra day… both amazing places to explore! I think there is a Parador in Merida… not sure in Salamanca but lots of choice! You will LOVE both of these cities and oh my Casares! How could I forget that! So that’s three places to explore 😀

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  2. Colleen, I love the photo of Liquor de Bellotas. You won’t see this particular alcohol again much further North. A speciality of the region (courtesy of the ‘Jamon Iberico’ – black pigs feeding on oak)
    And the Parador is a favourite of mine for a coffee. I love Zafra, a nice size with a gorgeous casco antiguo and great tapas. Keep the posts coming for all us ‘serial pilgrims’ in our loungerooms. xx

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