4. A Brilliant…

It’s funny how some distance
Makes everything seem small
And the fears that once controlled me
Can’t get to me at all

It’s time to see what I can do
To test the limits and break through
No right, no wrong, no rules for me,
I’m free!

(Everyone join in the chorus…)

Let it go, let it go
I am one with the wind and sky
Let it go, let it go…

I had a great title for today’s post… we both agreed it was brilliant but somewhere between Guillena and Castilblanco I forgot what it was… so none of you will ever know.

We made a good start this morning… it is way too hot to be walking in the afternoon so we have no choice but to leave before the sun gets up.

We realised once we set off that we had no idea where the camino actually was. We had left the path yesterday looking for our hostel… and we just assumed that we would keep walking.  But there were no arrows.  However there were cafe bars aplenty that were full, even at seven in the morning, so we stopped and asked… and about a dozen old guys pointed to the other road.

We walked out of the town and had to cross a river… via a really high bridge.  About a third of the way over my fear of heights kicked into overdrive.  There was a broken storm drain beside an inch wide crack and you could see the drop below.  The drain was maybe only 20 inches across but for a minute there I really thought I couldn’t walk on.

Maggie coaxed me and then I scurried as fast as I could to the other side.  I fear there may have been some swearing involved. I was very happy to get to the other side and was rewarded with an arrow.

Back on the camino we followed more arrows along a busy road and were relieved to turn off into open countryside.   We chatted with the Serious hikers that we’d met yesterday. They were French, from Bordeaux and they aren’t so serious after all… I might rename them the Bordeaux guys.
Anyway we walked on and the sky lightened and we wandered through more olive groves and then orange groves and the landscape changed and really it was a beautiful Andalusian morning.  Today’s walk was all uphill… not steep but a gradual rise over the day of around 1000 feet… we noticed at the end of the day but most of the time it was fine.

Maggie is suffering from a few troublesome blisters so we stopped every 90 minutes. Boots and socks off and a drink and a little something to eat.   As we sat more pilgrims passed.  Michael from Ireland and a group of 5 Canadians, three of whom are called Ed (which works so well for me)  There were a few couples… all English speaking but I didn’t recognise the accent… maybe US, maybe Canada or even NZ.  And there were a few Spanish and French pilgrims.  I would say we are perhaps a rag taggle group of 20. All very jolly and it’s good to know we aren’t alone out here.
We walked and talked and the kilometres ticked away.  By mid day the sun was hot and it was time for the brolly.   They really have proved an essential part of our kit.   I think we would have had to simply to stop and sit it out without them.  Gerry tells me it’s getting hotter over the next few days… I did not want to know that!

My feet are fine and my legs are tired but good, but crikey I needed a wee sooooooo bad before we arrived in town.  There was no where to go on the trail as the last 6kms were beside the main road… and I’m wearing Skins Compression tights… so it would not be easy to quickly go.  The only silver lining to the situation was that I walked very quickly into town and oh joy the very first place was a bar… complete with bathroom!
Branden found a great little hostel… a single room with air conditioner for 14 euros… and there is a bar 2 minutes away.  I think that will do just fine!

We walked 21.5 kms today… washing is done and drying on the line… not a bad day at all.

4 thoughts on “4. A Brilliant…

  1. Thanks for letting me know about your blog….I’m enjoying the read, and your pics as well. Already, I’ve picked up that a hiking UV umbrella might be a good buy for us. Sort of looks essential as I suspect Spring will send a few hot days our way. I’m not, though, letting my wife read of your toilet issue. Even on the Frances she had toilet issues (finding them lol). I’ve assured her that on the VdlP she will be able to ‘make do’ in the wild (which doesn’t appeal to her one little bit). Clearly…with some days presenting no services…it must become essential to improvise. Time will tell.


    • I love the UV brolly… I still have mine although it’s looking battered. We couldn’t have done this walk without them. Euroschrim like hiker was mine I think? but there are other makes now too. There are a great number of days where there is nothing or nowhere during the day on the Via but… it wasn’t a problem. Usually there was never ever anyone around either… just you and the cows 😀 She’ll be a ‘pro’ at it by the end of this walk 😀


    • They are ok… they don’t feel as sturdy as the Salomon did but they are comfortable. Time will tell. I was stupid in that I walked for hours around seville sightseeing in my new Teva’s without socks and picked up two tiny blisters… stupid mistake! But no major problems yet… crikey it’s hot though!

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