Does my Bum Look Big in This?

Before I was diagnosed with Hashimotos I steadily gained more and more weight.  Following my surgery and cancer treatment I gained even more weight.  When I undertook my first camino I did feel that perhaps I maybe the fattest woman on the trail.

Over the last 3 years, little by little, I lost a bit of weight.  Following surgery last year I started following the eating habits recommended by Tim Spectre of The British Gut project.  I noticed that I started to lose weight without trying so in January this year I decided to really try and shift the weight I gained over the years.

So far I’ve lost 22kg… my target is to lose 25kg before I walk the Via… that’s a few ounces shy of 4 stones… or just over 55lbs.

So, now that I’m a little more normal I have greater choice of gear… and I’ve been trying to trim ounces from all my kit… my knees are going to love me!

One of the new additions this time is Skins compression tights  They feel great but I feel a little exposed wearing them; it feels like walking around half dressed.  Everyone assures me they look fine and they will be coming to Spain… but I do keep asking.. does my bum look big in this?


3 thoughts on “Does my Bum Look Big in This?

    • Hi Margaret I have considered a skort… perhaps I should try one before I go… I might feel a little more comfortable 🙂


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