Can I Help You With That?

This year I decided that I would walk with purpose.  I want to raise money for Chris (The Samaritans) and Grace (Children’s Cancer Unit in Nottingham’s QMC Hospital) whilst walking the Via de la Plata.  I’m copying the idea and the foot steps of Ailsa Piper, who advertised herself as a Pilgrim seeking sinners… and she walked off their sins.


The concept of walking by proxy was common place in the Middle Ages; if you could afford it.   My offer is open to all and  way more affordable… indeed you decide how much you wish to donate.

I plan to walk 1128km from Sevilla to Santiago de Compostella and then Santiago to Fisterra and Muxia on the Atlantic Coast.  I’m not sure I like the ideas of sins so instead I’ll carry with me your regrets, burdens, worries, hopes, dreams or wishes.

I can offer a choice of two destinations for my precious cargo… Santiago de Compostella (where it is said the body of St James the Apostle is buried) or if you prefer somewhere more spitirual, there is Muxia (where legends and history surround this ancient spot on the westerly edge of Galicia).

Here’s how it will work…

  1. Make a donation on my JustGiving page
    **** ****
  2. Make sure you include your email address for me
  3. JustGiving informs me of each donation, so once recieved I will email you with the instructions.
  4. I will carry your words in my rucksack and I’ll leave them (gracefully) with either St James or at the Pedra de Abalar at the edge of the Atlantic ocean in Muxia.

I keep a blog whilst walking, so you’ll be able to read all about my journey and the journey of your words too.

So… Please help me raise funds for Grace and Chris

My fabulous cousin recently learned that her equally fabulous grand-daughter had been diagnosed with Leukaemia.  Grace is being treated on Ward E39, a specialist children’s cancer unit in Nottingham’s QMC Hospital.  I asked them if I could walk on their behalf and if so, what charity would they nominate. They chose Ward E39… which seems absolutely the best choice!

My second charity is chosen on behalf of an amazing young man who, for just a little while lost his way, and then sadly lost his life. However, his spirit was so amazing that he continues to move people like me to want to do something… So I walk to raise money on behalf of Chris and for the Samaritans… who in turn will help others who lost their way.

Please share this… Please share my JustGiving link… And please let me carry your private thoughts with me along the via… And help me raise a worthy sum for these two worthy charities.

p.s.  You’re also welcome to simply donate

Just in case you’ve lost the link… here it is again


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