Camino Postponed

A few weeks ago I decided I had to walk again but this time start in St Jean.  It had always irked me a little that I lost my nerve at the last moment… so the idea of a spring Camino was hatched.


However, unlike the first camino, mark II hasn’t really been planned and the idea of walking for maybe 16-17 days to Carrion has been re-thought. I feel totally unprepared… both physically and mentally.

I should be starting on Tuesday and I had in my head a plan that I could maybe get to the halfway point… but I’ve decided that it’s too soon.

I have too many things unfinished, too much to sort, too much to arrange.  Add to this that Gerry is in one of his really busy periods with work, it felt wrong to leave. Instead I’m going to start next Saturday.

I have almost an extra week to get ready… school ends on Friday so no more school runs for 2 weeks and I feel like I can cope with this new timescale.

I’m hoping now to get as close to Burgos as possible and Gerry is going to join me somewhere around Logrono.  So not so bad after all!

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