The Red Scarf


Coffee  with friends at Hontanas

Since I started my walk I’ve met several people who are walking the camino to try and find some clarity or direction.  I  generally prefer to walk alone but quite often will pass people and chat for a while.   We’re a few weeks in now so many of the faces are familiar and folks share their experiences and reasons for walking.

So I was thinking today about my journey.   I  don’t have any expectations…  This was never a pilgrimage for me.   I am walking because I can.   Does this mean my camino is poorer because of this?  I have met people with unshakeable faith…  People who sincerely hope and pray that Saint James will in some way provide solutions to their problems.

I am no stranger to church  but I don’t share the absolute faith that my fellow pilgrims have.   If I’m honest I’m not even sure that Saint James resides at Santiago but I do respect the love and faith that my new friends hold…  And I certainly hope that they find the answers that will bring their peace.

Anyway… I  was thinking all this as we walked away from Hornillos del Camino this morning.   As usual I start walking in darkness and walk as the sun rises. Today was cold and misty and I walked to music.


Walking uphill as the sun came up I passed a lady who had stopped for a drink…  What a beautiful sight she said.. And it was.   What are you listening to?  She asked… So I unplugged the earphones… She wasn’t expecting to here Alright Now by Free but it was a great way for this old rock chick to wake up!



I can now power out 20km in about 4 hours… Usually with maybe a 30 minute break in between… today the coffee stop was in the very pretty Hontanas, not far from the beautiful ruins of the Convento de San Antón.  By lunchtime I had arrived at Castrojeriz.

En route I saw a red scarf on the path.   In my heart I knew it must have been dropped by a fellow Pilgrim but I never picked it up… I was in my stride marching on.   Fortunately a French lady behind me did retrieve it and she quickened her pace catching all in front until she found the owner of the red scarf.

Turns out it belonged to a lady I’ve walked with on and off for 2 weeks… She calls me England and says hello whenever we see each other.   She was delighted to be reunited with her scarf…  And I was left feeling more than a little ashamed that I walked past it.  Maybe there’s a lesson for me?

On a lighter note I had a fit of the giggles last night at dinner… The English menu suggested curds as an option… Unsure of what was on offer I checked out option 8 on the French and German menus too…  We very nearly wet ourselves laughing at the German option of Dickmilch…  I do wonder if maybe I’m really not cut out to be a Pilgrim.


2 thoughts on “The Red Scarf

  1. Hi Colleen, how's it all going? Sounds great, your doing realt well. Every step you take is another step closer to home. I love reading your daily events, I tune in regularly to Hera what's happened next.
    A truly amazing adventure, I now know why you wanted to do it.
    Keep on the trail, think of you every day. Glad your haveing fun in the prosses of the walk. Amazing people all of


  2. great photos as usual and fantastic commentary.
    Derek has arrived in Santiago to his great joy and relief. He was very touched and encouraged by your blog and we all hope things are now going well for your walk and that the initial problems are over and you really are beginning to enjoy the camino experience. Why?? I agree with your reasons. But I hope you find that one or two (or maybe more) spiritual experiences will make you realise that it is an extra-wordly thing to have done and that you look back on it with a “wondering” realisation that it was something you had to do..


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