Yin and Yang


I left Granon as the sun was just thinking about coming up. I had a strange night in my hotel room… It felt too quiet without a dozen other pilgrims and I woke maybe 3 times in the night. But the bed was lovely and the privacy was great too.

I had breakfast with Pam and Theresa, 2 ladies from the US who’d joined us for dinner last night but who I’d met breifly before in Viana.  I was on the road in the cold grey light of early morning.  Last night at dinner we all agreed to walk to Villafranca de Montes de Oca.  That’s 27km and I have no idea why I said ok!

This morning as I walked I listened to Philip Glass violin concerto number 1 (movement 2)…find it on YouTube… This for me is one of the most beautiful pieces of music and fills me equally with joy and sadness… Hope and loss.

I walked a kilometre in 8 minutes listening to it and at the end salty tears ran down my cheeks.   I miss home… I miss Gerry and Matt.  They are my yin and my yang.   Gerry so steadfast and considered and Matt so full of life and noise and ambition.   They fill my world and home is where ever they are.

I started this walk thinking that if I had time I would walk to finisterre… Now I walk to Santiago as quickly as I can because the end brings me closer to them.

I walked 27 km today!!! Wow! I have never in my life walked that far.  I stopped for lunch in a park somewhere outside Belorado. At Espinosa del Camino I bumped into the french couple Gerry and I met on our first night at Viscarett; funny how we seem to cross paths with familiar faces as we walk.

The last 3km were the hardest with a long uphill climb… We’re heading towards Burgos and the high plains of Northern Spain; onwards and onwards towards home. And if that all sounds romantic let me assure you that I ache like… well…. A lot!

Sleeping tonight at Villefranca Monts de Oca…  More monts to climb tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “Yin and Yang

  1. At least the camino is emphasising the important things in life!

    Why are you doing it? to find peace? to find yourself? to live through the suffering? because you can? because your feet will take you there if you put one in front of the other a million times = 900,000 metres = 900 km.


  2. Oh Colleen you are doing so well, have just caught up with the blog. Have been away for a few days. You may not be a john Cleese or a Ronnie barker or a Corbett you are Colleen sims, and you like so many others are walking the pilgrims walk!! Every step you take is taking you closer to the finish line/ to home. It's not what you wear or how you wear it…. We're all so very proud and love reading so just keep doing the same thing and you will get there……xx


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