There’s a five in it!

I’ve been quiet for a few days but not because there’s a problem… I just thought you’d be bored of me!

So I’ve marched my way along and my blisters are doing OK… And my new shoes seem good too.


I was in Los Arcos in the municipal albergue… Not great!   And again about 20 Korean walkers set their alarms for 4.45!  They start walking at 5.00 am!   They are so noisy and really inconsiderate… And how can they see in dark.   It is not a nice way to start the day and I was cross before I started… Not very zen!

So I was walking at 6.45 in the dark… But I don’t like the dark especially walking past the town cemetery.   It was hard  searching for the yellow arrows and praying that I didn’t miss one.

As I walked I saw this huge black shape take form a few feet in front of me… I nearly pooped my pants as the thing released a loud hee-haw… Or whatever noise donkeys make!   I am resigned to never walking alone in the dark again!

So I walked on and up and up and up and it got hotter and hotter.   Then there were the downs… But did I mention the ups!  I reached Viana sometime after lunch… Lovely beds… Still bunks but very comfy and real sheets and two pillows… What luxury.

More important lovely people too.   Lots of Canadian and American pilgrims … Another guy from Quebec but this one is charming.   We shared a beer/coke in the searing heat whilst the lovely albergue lady did our washing! Dinner in town tonight but rain is threatening… And I met up again with my two Danish ladies… So all in all a good day!

Yesterday  wasn’t so good.   I woke to rain and it continued for most of the walking.   My plan was to reach Naverette… Via logrono.   There is a huge festival in Logrono… Wine,  fiesta,  bulls and all… But it is pouring with rain and I just wanted to get through the city.

By midday it was just a few spots and as the hills rose above Logrono the sun was trying to shine.   I reached Naverette in reasonable time and had a wonderful hot shower… And joy oh joy a private room with a lock and separate shower so you could dry properly and  not struggle getting dry clothes over wet skin.

The very grey skies persuaded me to skip clothes washing and instead I headed for a bar where I met up with Catherine who I had last seen in Estella… So great to see her!

Also in my albergue where the Canadians and Americans and a German guy called Mike and a Brazilian that lives in Mexico…  Called  something that sounds like Matt.

I visited the church.  More gold.   This time you had to put 1 euro in the meter if you wanted the lights to come on.   It is  beautiful and I admire the craftsmanship and the history but I’m not sure about the 1 euro?   But I guess that’s my problem.

And so here I am in Azorfa!   It’s cool and threatened to rain all day.   The paths like yesterday are muddy and slippery.   I walked a little way with Matt but he walks to fast so I carried on alone.

I stopped for a hot  chocolate from a little takeaway van in the middle of nowhere and Catherine caught me up… I drank whilst listening to wild thing on his radio… And walked into Najara with Catherine.

I had planned to stop but it was too early.   So we had a drink and rested our feet before heading on to Azorfa.  We heard that this municipal albergue has 60 beds but twin rooms… Luxury!  I almost skipped up the hills because one of those rooms was going to be mine!

So here I am… Showered. Laundry in the machine. Catherine snoring ever so quietly beside me… Not a bunk bed in sight and lots of familar faces all around.

AND I’ve walked over 200 km and the number I have left to do starts now with a five!  577 km to Santiago!

2 thoughts on “There’s a five in it!

  1. Am so impressed and love your blog – laughing at your exploits and irritated on your behalf at some of your fellow walkers – especially the Koreans, oh, and Moose ! Carry on carrying on and keep on writing – I'm a long way from bored 😀 Jan xxxx


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