Three Days Training

There are just 9 weeks to go before I start my walk… just 9 weeks left to train… to get fit. When I started this I thought I had ages, I thought I would be running up hills at this stage and yet here we are with 9 weeks to go and I still feel so unnprepared.

So to help with this situation we decided to spend three days walking.  Day 1 walking around St Astier for 10km… first day with my full pack and boy what a difference that made!  Day 2 walking around St Leon sur Isle… pack still heavy and a very steep climb!  Day 3 we headed south to Bergerac and walked 12km around the vineyards and sunflower fields.  The pack was easier today but the walk was touch hard under foot!

I’m not sure it’s a good thing but we have no more walking for a few days!



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