About Me

I am a pilgrim and I’m passionate about walking the camino and long distance walking

I’m an English woman living in France,  I’m a wife, a mother, a singer and a pilgrim.  I was never a natural walker;  I liked a walk but a few hours was my limit. I have no idea why I decided that walking 800 kilometres across rural Spain would be the right challenge for me but nonetheless I did.

I’d had cancer and I’d recovered.  I was ready to try something new.  When we set off on our Spanish holiday in 2013 I had no idea what lay ahead but the wheels of that future were already in motion.  I was drawn to the Camino like a moth to the flame.  I told my husband that I would tell no-one of my plans but I told everyone.  Once I’d decided that I was going I had absolutely no doubt that I would finish and reach Santiago.  What I didn’t realise was that finishing was really just the beginning.

I’ve continued to walk at least one or two camino every year since that first walk and when I’m not walking I’m planning my next walk.  In recent years I’ve twice been nominated as International Woman of the Year locally here in France for my walking and I’ve given presentations and speeches about those journeys.   I’m trying to write a book about my incredible trek from Seville but of course my walking gets in the way of finishing that.  My husband, who at first was nonplused about this walking lark, is now a keen walker too.  Walking is part of our life.

I write as I walk.  I’ve kept a blog since my first camino and I love the process of writing at the end of a day.  Friends and strangers alike read my blog and so many times I’ve been asked if I would arrange a group camino.  In 2019 I arranged my first and it was a great success; for both them and myself.  So that was it.  A new venture was born.

I arrange walks locally and new friends and Walking Buddies are always welcome to come and join me. I also arrange longer escorted walking gropus along the camino routes in Spain and Portugal and one-centred tour and stay holidays in Spain, Portugal and France. Take a look and come join me… you never know… walking might change your life too!

p.s. When I’m not walking I sing