Walking Buddies

A few years ago I was chatting with a lady on a Camino forum and realised that we lived quite close to each other.  Walking the camino means that you walk with the world but I forget that there are plenty of people locally who also love a nice walk. So I put out a call for any like minded people who wanted to meet locally and go walking… et voila! Walking Buddies was born!

I arrange local walks and you’re free to come along and walk with us! Since those first walks I’ve also added a few Camino Planning Workshops and short Camino Tasters too… Follow my blog and stay up to date with any new events!

Walk with Me?

Some of the folks who follow my blog will already know that as well as walking my own Caminos, I also organise workshops and escorted small group walks along the Camino. I’m taking a group in September 2021 from St Jean … Continue reading Walk with Me?

Autumn is Coming

It feels like, over the weekend, our Dordogne summer abruptly ended and autumn has already started; although I’m reliably informed that the sun will be back in a few days. I was also told today that, due to the odd weather … Continue reading Autumn is Coming


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