Will it be Cold?

A few weeks ago, when it was still very sunny and still very warm, my walking buddies suggested a last minute autumn camino. “Yeah” I said! “Count me in!”

Since then I attempted and failed the Rota Vicentina in southern Portugal and I’ve made a flying (singing) visit down to sunny Marbella in Spain; both of which are further south than SW France and Porto. I packed my rucksack today and I realised that I have no idea what the weather will be like or what I should take.

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No News…

7. Vila Nova de Milfontes

We didn’t do a great deal yesterday. We mooched around the old town and the beach area before being able to check into our hotel… which is a lovely little place with very very comfortable beds! It’s called the Mil Reis and in a great location in the old town. We asked if we could stay an extra night because we know we have to revisit the doctor tomorrow.

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We’ve had a few wonderful days exploring Lisbon and it’s environs.  We took a trip out of town for a fabulous fish lunch where, following Rick Steins recommendations, Gerry tried (and enjoyed) the local barnacles.

We’ve taken in the sights from the open top bus and walked and wandered the alleys and avenues.  We’ve glimpsed history, both local and from further afield and we’ve taken trains, trams and cable cars (yes I went in the cable car and yes I loved it).  We also followed in Rick’s footsteps and enjoyed some of the best Lisboan Piri Piri chicken… in short we’ve had a great time.

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