Over the hills…

We retraced our steps, spent a night in Pamplona before driving back over the Pyrenees and finding a small hotel in the seaside town of Cap Breton.

Back in France again and we just had dinner beside the sea, and now I’m looking at a photo with the moutains in the background… and I’m thinking to myself some where over those hills are a few folks walking and I miss them an awful lot.

Stay safe pilgrims and say a prayer for me in Santiago.


Bed Boards

After my wonderful night in Pamplona I woke refreshed and we started walking out of town. It wasn’t long though before Maggie realised her blisters were really hurting. We stopped and talked about what she should do; we felt the best thing was for her to search for a bus and take it easy today and let her feet heal… having been there I know exactly what she’s going through! Continue reading

What.. When… Why

I am learning quickly that there are some things about walking the camino that you can’t change and you either like it or…  Well you go home.

So my dear lovely Gerry left me at Viscaret and took a taxi back to Roncevalles and I plugged in my iPhone and listened to the songs he loaded for me…  I sobbed my way out of the village and up and up and up… For 4km… Then it levelled out and of course then it came down… Steeply.   And as I panted my way along people were actually running past me!


Continue reading