Gerry’s on the Camino

log15There is a theme emerging here, I think I’ve joined the party crowd on the camino!  We ate in the main square in Los Arcos and Tony kept us all laughing with his funny stories of his days in the Dutch army. I really like Tony and Lianne… they are just good eggs, if you know what I mean.  And Tony, he can tell a very very good story!  However, I left the dutch and irish contingent and decided on an early tonight, they were off in search of a late night beer and I was tired… bah humbug!

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So let me tell you about Moose

I’m in Los arcos and if yesterday’s stop was 5 *…  We’ll let’s just say today’s isn’t.

It’s so busy, pilgrims everywhere but I  know no-one.   70 beds in the municipal albergue and all full… Poor people arriving now have to walk on as there’s no room at the inn.  I’m sat in the square with two very lovely ladies from Denmark and also Mary, who  Gerry and I walked with for a little bit out of Roncesvalles. Continue reading