Little Tremors

2. Lisbon – Setubal – Santiago de Cacem.

Gerry was asleep by 9:30 pm last night and he was awake again at 6:30. He coughed and snored all night and whilst I was very tempted to give him a shove I let him sleep… its miserable having a cold. His coughing woke me before 7.00 but he also brought me a cup of tea so he was quickly forgiven. “I dont know what flavour” he chirped. “I don’t mind” I said “As long as it’s not camomile.” There was silence and a small smile…nuff said.

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I realised yesterday that I posted the wrong stages in my blog!  So below is an updated version of the route we’re taking.

Gerry (who usually edits my blogs when I’m walking), said over our cup of tea this morning “… I did ask myself when it appeared in my inbox… how did that get past me?”

  • Santiago do Cacém – Vale Seco
  • Vale Seco – Cercal do Alentejo
  • Cercal do Alentejo – Porto Covo
  • Porto Covo – Vila Nova de Milfontes
  • Vila Nova de Milfontes – Almograve
  • Almograve – Zambujeira do Mar
  • Zambujeira do Mar – Odeceixe
  • Odeceixe – Aljezur
  • Aljezur – Arrifana
  • Arrifana – Carrapateira
  • Carrapateira – Vila do Bispo
  • Vila do Bispo – Cabo de S. Vicente

This route sees us starting on The Historic Way and moving across to The Fisherman’s way for a while and then they merge again near the end.

Also, if you’re thinking of visiting Lisbon, book your hotel ahead well in advance.  We tried to book last night and had very, very restricted choice… it seems that everyone want to go to Lisbon… but then again it is rather special!

Watching the Clock

This title is a bit misleading as I’m not really watching the clock… the truth is I’m running around like a mad thing trying to get all my jobs done before we leave on Saturday.  One of my jobs was to update my blog… I’m walking in a few days and I’ve been very remiss on the blog front… I’m pretty sure that will change come Saturday.

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We’ve had a few wonderful days exploring Lisbon and it’s environs.  We took a trip out of town for a fabulous fish lunch where, following Rick Steins recommendations, Gerry tried (and enjoyed) the local barnacles.

We’ve taken in the sights from the open top bus and walked and wandered the alleys and avenues.  We’ve glimpsed history, both local and from further afield and we’ve taken trains, trams and cable cars (yes I went in the cable car and yes I loved it).  We also followed in Rick’s footsteps and enjoyed some of the best Lisboan Piri Piri chicken… in short we’ve had a great time.

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