38 and Counting

1Our walking holiday is turning into more holiday and less walking.  France Meteo issued a canicule warning for today… Canicule “précoce et exceptionnelle” dans le Sud-Ouest : il a fait jusqu’à 38 degrés lundi … and we’ve manage to locate ourselves almost in the hottest part of France.  They said it was going to reach 38c…  Mr S was not planning on walking today.

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We were determined, after yesterdays long hot walk, that we would get up in good time today.  We would go and find some provisions for a picnic and start walking around 10:00… but we woke up at 9:45am.

So we showered and meandered and had a cup of tea and finally left our apartment around midday.  We drove 15km to the very pretty village of Montreal du Gers.  This is another stop on the Camino Le Puy and the road sort of shadowed the route as we drove… although you couldn’t see the path.

le puy

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