You know I said…

The communal meal last night was a bit of a damp squib. Not because the food was bad… But sadly no-one wanted to be very sociable.

There were a dozen pilgrims around the table but only three would chat. The French at either end just wouldn’t engage… So it was a muted affair. The German lady beside me was very nice… She is retired and has walked all over Europe. Opposite was a very smiley Croatian chap and a nice but shy German girl. So it was a pleasant meal but nothing exciting. Continue reading

23 Tree Hill

Last night I stayed at the municipal albergue in Castlejeriz.  Catherine and Mike are here too, so after we’d done our chores we went in search of a cold beer and made plans to meet for dinner.   And at dinner we found a table for three but were soon joined by Theresa, Pam and Sherry and then a few others… and our table grew a lot… as is often the way!

So I enjoyed the company of great pilgrims, on a lovely terrace looking out at the big old hill we were to climb the next day.  And when we’d finished we said our goodnights and headed off to find our beds,  wandering our way back through the streets in the moonlight.


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The Red Scarf


Coffee  with friends at Hontanas

Since I started my walk I’ve met several people who are walking the camino to try and find some clarity or direction.  I  generally prefer to walk alone but quite often will pass people and chat for a while.   We’re a few weeks in now so many of the faces are familiar and folks share their experiences and reasons for walking. Continue reading