Around Allemans

In a few weeks time I’ll be heading back down to St Jean Pied de Port for the third time for ten fabulous days on the Camino Frances.  Last year a friend here in France suggested that maybe we do a taster week together… and another friend will also be joining us.  We started with a week… but our week has grown along with out excitement and we think now we can manage 10 or 11 days walking.

I should be fitter than I am, but the truth is that life gets in the way and I’ve not really done much walking since the Via.

I should by now know what gear I like, want and need, the truth is that I’m still struggling to decide what to take!

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The Chosen Ones

After a week of walking and trials and tests and much concern and research and reading and worry… I’ve decided on which shoes will be coming with me to Spain.

I’ve considered buying another Keen Targhee, Hanwag’s, Altra’s, Brooks and New Balance.  I’ve read reviews on Amazon and blogs, and Outdoor Gear Lab and countless websites.  I’ve downloaded apps and templates and measured and checked and watched videos and pondered and considered and basically got my head spinning with too much information.

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Sponge Bob Square Feet

Gerry’s amusing new nickname for me (or my feet) came to him as we compared my feet to a photo taken on my first camino.  He has a selection of names for my feet which also includes pasties and bricks with toes… so you’re getting the idea that I have wide feet!

A few days into my first camino I had to stop for a few days because my blisters were just too bad.  I rested up in Estella and bought new shoes and fortunately managed to reach Santiago without too much more drama.

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Bed Boards

After my wonderful night in Pamplona I woke refreshed and we started walking out of town. It wasn’t long though before Maggie realised her blisters were really hurting. We stopped and talked about what she should do; we felt the best thing was for her to search for a bus and take it easy today and let her feet heal… having been there I know exactly what she’s going through! Continue reading

I want to love my feet but…

We left El Burgo before 7.00 am.   It was still dark of course and decidedly cooler than it has been.   So much so that fleece and buff were needed to keep the chilly wind at bay, it’s been a while since I felt cold.  We’re on our way to Mansilla de las Mulas but the walk was pretty uninspiring, although in the far distance we can see the mountains and hills again… the landscape is changing!

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So last night I slept in a convent!  And a  jolly good sleep it was too.

After a few hours exploring the town we had dinner with a very jolly German guy and his wife. He really was VERY jolly and he also ate anything that no-one wanted; I would say he had a hearty appetite!   He also had wine with everything… Even adding it to his yoghurt!!  But he and his wife were really very lovely and we had a pleasant evening.

I must have gone to sleep as soon as my head hit the pillow, but the girls told me in the morning that some poor Pilgrim was banging on the door at 9.45 trying to get to his bed.   Normal lights out is 10:00 pm but here it was 9.30pm…he wasn’t allowed in so I wonder where he slept! Continue reading