Off Camino

I felt I needed a place to list any news that happens away from the Camino… so we’ve got an Off-Camino page to help you navigate!

New Year – New Camino 2016

27th February 2016 – Out of the Wilderness


10th February 2016 – Which Direction?

9th January 2016 – Is That a Plan?

4th January 2016 – The Picked Me


Post Mini-Camino 2015

1st May – Over the Hills and Far Away


New Year – New Camino 2015

15th April – Three Days and Counting

12th April – Camino Postponed

10th March – International Women


Post Camino 2014

2nd November – Humble Pie

25th October – Six Minute Camino


Pre- September 2014

29th August – A Crisis of Confidence

28th August – A Week of Walking

12th July – Three Days of Walking

1st July – Boots, Bags, Socks

30th June – So Why Walk