Escorted Walking Holidays


Post Camino Blues

We’re home and it’s hot hot hot in SW France. We’ve been mooching; catching up with work and emails and odd jobs and spent a fair amount of time just chillin’ in the garden with the cats.

Blame Rick

Day 9 : Fuente De Day 10 : San Vicente de la Barquera Nobody said it was easyIt’s such a shame for us to partNobody said it was easyNo one ever said it would be this hardOh, take me back to the start

Going Forward

Day 6 : Santo Toribio de Liébana Day 8 : Portilla de la Reina to Fuente De Day 7 : Riano & The Embalse Last night we decided that we should plan our last few days here in Spain. The Lebaniego Camino has ended and in it’s place we have the Camino Vadiniense. With the … Continue reading Going Forward

The Bus Stop

Day 1 : Camino Lebaniego Day 3 : Magpies & Meadows Day 2 : Barrio Basieda to San Vicente de la Barquera to somewhere after Serdio… and back again Like all good pilgrims we set our alarm for an early start. We had breakfast at 7:00am and made ready for the day. There is a … Continue reading The Bus Stop

Camino Lebaniego

Day 2: The Bus Stop Day 1 : Bordeaux-ish (France) to Potes-ish (Spain) How are you? How has life been for you during these difficult, difficult days? I am well. My loved ones are well and thankfully our life in South West France has changed very little over recent months. Of course we were restricted … Continue reading Camino Lebaniego