Time to Plan…

I love this time of year… my work is crazy busy and that’s always great fun but also it’s the time of year when I can start to think of my next walk.  I find myself lingering over my old photos, my blog, other people’s blogs and the camino forums.  It’s time to go walking… I can feel the pull!

In August, Gerry and I are off to walk the Camino Baztan for 6 days and in October we’re walking 12 days in Portugal on the Rota Vicetina.  But after that I need to plan!

There are so many paths, so many caminos (or is the plural camini?)  Where do I start?  How can I choose?  Well first off I ask when? I can go walking in March and April.  I yearn to walk in May but it’s just too busy with weddings; maybe one day but not in 2018.  Gerry and I are walking the Camino del Norte in the Autumn.  And after this I have the seed of an idea that maybe I can join my walking buddies for a re-run of the Camino Frances.  They want to finish what they started in May and I might try and join them.

So the question for me is, if I want to walk in the spring for a couple of weeks, where could I walk?  Weather will be an important factor?  I’d love the Primitivo but I think it’s too far north for March?  I love the look of the Ruta de la Luna but it’s 4 weeks… but perhaps a maybe?  And then there is the Camino de Madrid… 2 weeks, easy to get to, hopefully weather wise it’s do-able?  This is a real contender.

In the process of looking I remembered… I’m in Marbella on the 30th and 31st October… I wonder if I can grab a week then?  I found the Camino del Sur.  It’s a very solitary trail…  so I wondered… does anyone fancy a week in November in southern Spain?

I think it’s time to stop planning!  Anyway, once we’ve solved this little conundrum… we can talk shoes 😀


5 thoughts on “Time to Plan…

  1. Spain in November? Oooh … I have never really thought about walking a camino after October, but you might be on to something there. Sounds great! I found the start of the Sureste when I was in Alicante in October last year and that would be perfect temperature wise. Good luck with all your plans and travels!


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